'Impractical Jokers' Joe Gatto reveals his holiday gift guide


You'll want to plant a hidden-camera to watch your loved ones open these holiday gift picks from truTV "Impractical Jokers" star Joe Gatto. See what he recommends giving people this holiday season:

1. NIXON Star Wars Themed Watches

"I love this brand, and especially this line. The sleek watches feed both your fashion sense and inner nerd. And when a fellow member of the rebellion notices it, it totally bumps up your street cred."

2. TUMI Knox Backpack

"I've given this perfectly sized backpack to multiple friends and it's always a home run. The best part is that it is expandable (like luggage) to make it fatter if you need to shove more stuff in it than just your laptop."

3. NES Classic Edition Console

"This is great gift for anyone middle-aged. Everyone can play these video games, you don't get overwhelmed by the over the top controllers of current day. Give me just an A and B button please. I only have two thumbs and want to feel like a champion."

4. Echo by Amazon

"Alexa is my new best friend. Super helpful around the house. I recommend adding the subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited- it enables me to dance to any song in my home on demand!"

5. Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

"Who loves a polaroid? Everyone. Everyone loves a polaroid. This is a great way to instantly share and also save all the memories you make. Equally fun at either high-brow family functions or nights of drunken debauchery."

6. James Perse Softy Knit Zip Up

"Anything from James Perse is awesome because of the comfy factor. It's a great basic zip up that's really comfortable and holds up well. The James Perse Softy Knit Zip Up even makes my fat out of shape body seem fashionable."

7. Thinium

This is the BEST charger to have on the go. No need for wires or anything and not bulky or heavy. Also super easy to recharge it. It's my must have while touring on the road an inevitably battling low battery issues.