Dennis Quaid reveals two of his favorite roles of all time was in 'The Rookie' and 'The Parent Trap'

Dennis Quaid has a lot to say when it comes to talking about his massive career. The Emmy-nominated actor sat down with to discuss his latest role on "The Art of More," currently streaming on Crackle, an online free-to-watch streaming platform, and take a look back at some of his previous work.

"The Art of More" is a totally different type of role than a lot of his past performances. Quaid stars alongside, Kate Bosworth, Christian Cooke, and Cary Elwes, and plays Samuel Brukner. The drama mixes crime and art auction houses in New York, is an exciting, high-stakes show with Quaid as its star.

Here are five things we learned from Quaid about his role and his past:

1. Dennis Quaid's approach to playing a character on a streaming series differ

Quaid's demeanor in playing Samuel Brukner on a show that streams 10 episodes per season is quite relaxed compared with playing a character in other mediums. "You're a little bit more patient because you have so much more time to unfold the character and/or reveal what is going on with him, and you play with sort of the nuance. You can be more nuanced with your performance that way" says Quaid.

2. Samuel's traits are enjoyable for him to play

"He [Samuel Brukner] comes from no money from the Midwest, from outside of New York and financially he has built up himself, but socially he is just not accepted. He's not accepted in society. They don't like him. And so, being involved in the art world is really his way in to kick the door down."

Quaid candidly said what he enjoys most about playing Brukner is "just everything that comes out of his mouth and stuff. He basically does whatever he wants. He doesn't really care. He's so not politically correct. He doesn't even think about it. He's easily insulted and that's what makes him so fun!"

3. He based his character on various people he knew in his life including Donald Trump

When asked who he based Samuel on, Quaid said his character can be compared to president-elect Donald Trump, who still a GOP candidate at the time they shot the show's first season. "The comparison to Donald Trump last year was very obvious. My character was running for governor at the time when Donald Trump announced he was running for President and the words that were coming out of his mouth sounded like my dialogue. I guess we were getting something right there."

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4. He selects his roles by four different criteria

How does Quaid choose his roles nowadays you might ask? Well, he says the process hasn't changed much. "[I do it] the same way I always have since I've been able to choose. First, by the story. When I read a script, it's the only time I have to get a first time experience at that. If I'm involved with that, that's a good sign. Then it's the character and then its 'where is it shooting?, and how much money is it?'" declared Quaid.

5. He has played numerous iconic roles in his career. His favorites are...

"If there has been one, I don't think I can be the one to say it. There's been certain roles that have come along that have changed my career and changed my life. I would say like 'The Big Easy,' 'The Right Stuff,' 'The Parent Trap,' and 'The Rookie.' Different things at different parts of my life."

"What I love about acting in which is also my career and what I've gotten to do is all these different worlds that I've been able to really walk through and really get to know some really incredible people that were icons of mine growing up. It's been a really great ride!"

Watch Dennis Quaid's recent interview at AOL's Build Series NYC. Stream seasons 1 and 2 of The Art of More on Crackle.