Prince Harry caught in awkward moment, forced to observe moment of silence for Fidel Castro

Prince Harry was caught in an awkward moment during his travels through the Caribbean this week.

The 32-year-old royal was attending a reception for local dignitaries as the guest of honor on the island of St. Vincent and things definitely took a turn for the worse when the governor general, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, asked the group to observe a moment of silence in Fidel Castro's honor.

The Cuban leader passed away on November 25 and Ballantyne asked everyone to bow their head for a minute in his honor.

Prince Harry bowed his head as well, but rumors are swirling that the royal was completely caught off guard by the moment and wasn't comfortable bowing his head in honor of such a controversial figure.

By some accounts, Castro was considered a murderous dictator and was not well-liked in or outside of Cuba. Prince Harry, always the class act, didn't say anything during the moment of silence, but it's hard to say whether he'd want to honor the late leader.

Kensington Palace has not released a statement on the issue yet, but they have been sharing Twitter updates of Prince Harry's travels throughout the Caribbean.

Way to go Harry for keeping your cool in an awkward moment.

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