Wall Street Journal confuses Dev Patel with Kal Penn for some reason

Well, this is awkward.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published its review of new film Lion, a biopic about Indian Australian Saroo Brierley, starring actor Dev Patel. At least that was the intention.

But Pulitzer Prize-winning reviewer Joe Morgenstern confused the British Patel for New Jersey-born actor and former White House employee, Kal Penn.

A.K.A. a totally different person from a totally different country.

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"Saroo is played dazzlingly by Dev Patel, who gives his richest performance since The Namesake," Morganstern wrote in his glowing review. But 2006's The Namesake stars Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame.

Of course, the problematic gaff didn't go unnoticed by Twitter users.

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Kal Penn himself retweeted the original complaint, following it up with a retweet of a Variety story, laying out the error.

The error was dutifully amended by WSJ. The review now includes an update that reads "An earlier version of this article misidentified Dev Patel as appearing in Mira Nair's 'The Namesake.'"

Morgenstern also issued a rather pithy acknowledgment of the mistake.