John Mayer has the best reaction after watching the first episode of 'This Is Us'

John Mayer is a new fan of This Is Us!

Like us, the "Love on the Weekend" singer is obsessed with Mandy Moore's new NBC television show, This Is Us, and he took to social media over the weekend to express his admiration.

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"Just saw the first episode of 'This is Us' and I'm hooked. Cryin' and hooked," he wrote on Twitter. "Not even wiping away tears for the next episodes. Just gonna let the first ones create tracks for a more even, efficient flow."

Moore, who plays the 1950s housewife Rebecca Pearson on the show, which also stars Milo Ventimiglia, saw the tweets and responded.

"Glad you're digging it, @JohnMayer," she wrote.

The 39-year-old Grammy-winning crooner's reply hilariously underscored his commitment to the series.

"Beyond dig, @TheMandyMoore. I'm about to attempt one of the most emotionally reckless stunts ever: watching an episode ON AN AIRPLANE," Mayer wrote.

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It's OK, John, everybody loves a good cry!

As for Mayer, he recently told ET a new album is in the works and very close to release. See what he had to say about it at the Jazz Foundation of America's annual gala in the video below for more.

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