Holocaust-themed skating performance sparks outrage

A smiling, playful and yet poignant ice skating performance on Russian national television has created a social media firestorm — because it is holocaust-themed.

Tatyana Navka, a famous champion ice skater in Russia and the wife of Vladimir Putin's press spokesman Dmitry Peskov, did a holocaust themed skating performance Saturday on Russia's "Dancing With the Stars" equivilant, "Ice Age" pairing with famous actor Andrey Burkovskiy.

Donned in striped pajamas and the Star of David, the couple smiled and frolicked to the tune of "The Beautiful Way," which includes lyrics like, "Smile, no matter what they tell you."

Navka took to Instagram, calling it "one of my favorite performances," but her followers thought something quite different.

russian skating holocaust
russian skating holocaust

Twitter didn't think much of it either:

It's just shy of three years that Russian skater Julia Lipnitskaia's gold-medal winning performance to John Williams' theme from "Schindler's List" was knocked in some circles as "Schindler's List: On Ice."

Katarina Witt first started skating to the music in 1994 in homage to Steven Spielberg's film and in remembrance of the Holocaust. The 15-year-old Lipnitskaia, like Witt, dressed in red to recall the girl in red in Spielberg's film: a Polish Jewish girl whose death fills Oskar Schindler with remorse. Her dress provides the only flash of color in the film, and makes her death stand out from all the others, just as it did in Schindler's mind.

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