Brandi Glanville offends her fans when she posts a vile interpretation of a nativity scene


Brandi Glanville just found one way to anger fans during the holiday season --- pretend to give birth to baby Jesus.

The "Real Housewives" star pissed off a ton of people on Friday when she jumped into a nativity scene and squatted on top of baby Jesus, acting as if she gave birth to him. In the mocking photo, Glanville is atop the baby in the manger and has her eyes closed and her mouth open as if she's screaming in pain as she gives birth.

She posted the photo on Instagram and captioned it, "'Never forget the reason for the season #sweetchildomine #gunsnroses #sandiego #oldtown."

The joke definitely didn't go over well with her fans. Even fans who are typically used to the 44-year-old reality star's antics didn't take kindly to the action and commented on her social media accounts about how upset they were.

Glanville quipped right back to all the haters on Twitter with her usual casual commentary.

Glanville has since deleted the photos from her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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