Rick Perry busts a move with Vanilla Ice, singing 'Ice Ice Baby' just days after Trump talks

Rick Perry is ready to stop, collaborate and listen.

The former Texas governor busted a move on Tuesday night during the "Dancing with the Stars" season finale and he partnered up with his old pal, and fellow Texan, Vanilla Ice for a rousing rendition of "Ice Ice Baby."

Perry, who was clad in a red, sparkling jacket and a backward baseball cap, started out pumping the jams at the DJ booth and after he got them spinning, he headed out to the dance floor to break it down with Ice. Perry rocked and rolled and kicked his knees up as he danced alongside Vanilla Ice. The performance is honestly hilarious.

It looks like Perry definitely picked up a couple moves from his short-lived stint on the dancing reality show. He was partnered with Emma Slater.

Perry's rappin' and dancin' comes just days after the 66-year-old was spotted leaving Trump Towers in New York City where he is reportedly being tapped for a position on the president-elect's Cabinet.

Hey, if you're headed to the White House, you might as well dance your way there.