Gift Guide: Gabrielle Union has a smart approach to holiday gifting -- lots of yummy treats

Gabrielle Union is coming to a screen near you this holiday season with hew new movie "Almost Christmas," so naturally the stunning star has lots of fun ideas about how to approach your holiday gifting.

Union's approach is practical -- it's all about yummy treats. From wine to popcorn, her gift guide is an indulgent adventure and you'll definitely want to take some suggestions from her.

"I've seen the face of disappointment at some of the gifts I've put a freakish amount of time into. The one gift that makes people happy is money. They can get exactly what they want," Union jokes.

So her gift guide starts with...

1) "American Express gift cards bring the most joy."

2) "Bottles of wine. "Wine always does well. Liquor is a good choice."

3) "Garrett's Popcorn – Evryone loves that. It's the best. We always get a ton of it at Christmas. It lasts us for the whole year."

4) "I might send Vanilla Puddin ... Otherwise I tend to ask. I hate looking at disappointed faces."