Sarah Jessica Parker says giving birth was 'the greatest' experience of her life: 'It's absolute euphoria'

Sarah Jessica Parker is reflecting on the happiest moments of her life.

Dressed in a frilly peach dress with strappy metallic heels, the Divorce star covers the latest issue of Net-a-Porter's The Edit, where she opens up about giving birth to her and husband Matthew Broderick's son, James.

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The Edit

"If I could revisit one moment in my life, it would be the birth of my children, definitely," the 51-year-old actress says. "I only got to give birth once."

In addition to James, now 14, Parker and Broderick are also parents to 7-year-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, who were born via a surrogate.

"James is like, 'Why do you always want to talk about that?' I'm like, 'Because it's the greatest!'" Parker continues. "There is this suspended animation around [birth] -- everything goes away, the entire world is sucked up, time suspends. It's just you and, in my case, my husband, and this child, and it's absolute euphoria."

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Aside from raising a family, some of Parker's most memorable moments were created on the set of Sex and the City, where she portrayed the beloved Carrie Bradshaw. She reveals, however, that she has one small regret from her time on the popular HBO series.

"I wish I had known to take more pictures," she admits. "I should have photographed every fitting of Sex and the City, every shoe I ever tried on anywhere in the world, ever!"

"I should have shot those experiences, but I didn't want to intrude on it or ask, 'Do you mind if I take your picture?' Or, 'Do you mind if I document this?'" she adds. "Oh, I should have taken more pictures."

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Luckily, Parker is not too far away from where she filmed her sex columnist character's iconic scenes, as she currently resides in New York City with Broderick and their three children. "The relationship you can have with New York, its uniqueness, hasn't changed," she says of her fairy-tale life. "It has a sparkle."

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"When I arrived in New York City in 1976, the first thing I did was audition for a play," she remembers. "Literally straight out of the van. My [step] father slid the Volkswagen bus door open and said, 'See you later.' We lived in Ohio and, because we couldn't afford to fly to New York, we would drive. The route my parents took crossed over the George Washington Bridge, heading east into Manhattan, and about midway across, you could look south and see this view down the Hudson River with all of Manhattan laid before you, like someone had rolled it out. And we would always sing -- I don't know why because it makes no sense -- 'My Bonnie lies over the ocean / My Bonnie lies over the sea...' I can't really convey how sweeping and cinematic that moment was."

Years later, Parker says she couldn't "imagine living anywhere else."

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"I mean, Matthew and I think about it, we look [around], and we just don't do it. We stay," she explains. "I used to think we were selfish, but when we came back to New York after the summer break this year I asked my daughters, 'Would you prefer it if we had more space?' And they said, 'No!'"

Earlier this month, ET caught up with Parker, where she revealed one of her kids already has plans to follow in her footsteps.

"Apparently one of my daughters is plotting to take over," Parker said. "She has designs, so to speak, on running as she says, 'Mama's company.'"

"If I walk on the stairs or they see me getting dressed, they have opinions about what I'm wearing," she continued. "They don't offer up design ideas yet, but I'm sure that's all moments away from happening!"

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