Watch Drake, Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler lose their minds over this David Blaine trick


David Blaine showed that he is definitely "Beyond Magic" during his latest special, which aired Tuesday on ABC.

One scene from the hour-long special was particularly funny, involving Drake, Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, who were all recoiling by the end of the trick.

In the clip, Blaine asks Chappelle to draw "a small creature" that could fit in Drake's hand.

After joking about drawing a picture of Drake's rival, Meek Mill, Chappelle etched the likeness of a frog on a cell phone.

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"Frogs are, like, the plague?" said Blaine, referencing the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

"That's right," Chappelle agreed. "It rained frogs in Egypt."

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At this point, Drake, ready for anything, glanced up at the ceiling while Blaine grabbed a champagne flute filled with water and regurgitated a live frog into the glass, sending the room into pandemonium.

The trick, called "The Human Aquarium," garnered a similar reaction from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots when Blaine performed it for them on The Tonight Show last week.