How music superstar Sophia Grace keeps up with her fans

While social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others changed our lives in the past ten years, they've also changed the music industry.

Where artists used to have to play live in bars or nightclubs, and pass out their CDs or hope to make it on the radio, aspiring stars can now easily upload their music to one or all of the many available platforms out there.

Take Sophia Grace for example, the 13-year-old star shot to fame with a YouTube video posted when she was just 8-years-old. Since then, she has shot to fame through her own talents, and with the help of social media to reach her wide fan base. had the chance to sit down with Grace and chat with her about her YouTube channel, making music and more. Check out the feature below!

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You talked about how you love being active on your YouTube page by making vlogs, how do you come up with video ideas for your channel?

I don't always have ideas, so sometimes I communicate with my fans. I'll put something up on my Instagram or Snapchat and ask them for ideas, and then they give me ideas. We'll pick the most requested idea, like what's on my iPhone, or a vlog segment, and then we'll do the video, because I like to make my fans happy.

Do your fans really enjoy these newer types of videos?

Yeah, I think they like my vlogs the most, especially when I'm traveling. I did this one called flying to L.A. where I filmed my trip.

Where do you see your YouTube career going in addition to your music career?

I'm bringing out an album this year, Another single, and I'm really excited for that to happen. For my YouTube channel I'm just going to continue to upload videos. I try really hard to upload at least one a week, but sometimes I can't. I just want to let my fans know that if you are ever really waiting for a YouTube video, we're editing it while you're waiting.

How do you interact with your fans on social media? How would you describe your relationship with them?

Most of my social media accounts my dad runs because I'm still a bit too young to run them on my own. I sometimes on Snapchat will get back to three chats a day and talk to my fans. When they realize I've talked to them they get really excited – I love interacting with them and making them happy.

What's your life like now that people recognize you on the street?

I get to have two really good lives. I'm more famous in America then I am in England. I can come to L.A. and -- I can have a normal life here as well, I can go and do fun things, and I love meeting my fans on the street and taking photos with them. When I'm in England I can live a normal life with my friends and just hang out and go shopping. I can have the best of both worlds.

What's been the one piece of advice that's really helped you throughout your career?

You have to keep trying. You know, if you do auditions and you don't get the part you just have to keep trying and follow your dreams. In the end, something good will come of it.

What happens in the studio that most people don't see when you're making a song?

I bring loads of snack and water with me. The maximum amount of time it takes to record a song is about two hours. Once I recorded a song in one hour. My favorite thing to do at the end of the song is add ad libs, just background sounds and stuff.

What was the process like creating Girl in the Mirror?

Well, we went to the studio and they played two songs for us. One of the songs is on the album that's coming out, and the other was Girl in the Mirror. When we first heard it we thought it sounded good but we weren't even that obsessed with it, but then we recorded it and we thought it sounded amazing. Then we got a phone call saying Silento could be in the song. That was amazing because Silento is really famous.

What's the biggest thing you've learned working with major people in the music industry?

It's really fun and, they all just act really normal. It's nice because really they are all just normal people. I love working with big name people.

What music do you hope to be making in the next few years?

I really like R&B music and rap music. Most of the songs on my album are like that, and I'd like to continue making more like that.

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