OnlyOnAOL: Nicole Richie could be the world's coolest boss

By: Donna Freydkin

She's expanding House of Harlow 1960 into an entire lifestyle brand.

So what's it like having Nicole Richie, who's also the host of the Nov. 5 conference Pearl xChange, as your boss? (Watch our interview with another inspiring entrepreneur, Padma Lakshmi, above).

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Let's just say, you'd better be on point, totally prepared, and have a good sense of humor.

Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards"It's very important to me that everyone is happy to be at work. Making it a good vibe and having a good energy. I find that then, people put their heart into their work. I have a good balance of keeping the train moving but letting people enjoy coming to work every day. Most people who have worked with me have been there for ten years," she says.

Impressive. Any raised voices? "There's yelling but not just from me. People yell at me!" says Richie.

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