Mariah Carey blames former Scientology spokesperson for her split from James Packer

Mariah Carey's contentious split from billionaire fiancé James Packer just took yet another unexpected turn.

Adding to the many conflicting reports that have surfaced since the pair's breakup was announced last week, TMZ reported on Monday that Carey is placing the blame on former Scientology spokesperson, Tommy Davis.

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According to sources close to the situation, Davis and Packer had recently gotten very close, with Davis advising Packer on ways that he could've been improving his life. One of the changes he suggested? Cut his spending.

Packer had famously given Carey a slew of lavish presents, which is a habit that Davis had begun to advise against.

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Insiders say that Packer "has not been himself since Davis got in his ear," and that his increased focus on Carey's spending habits -- and his cutting back on giving her gifts -- caused a rift in their relationship.

Davis had previously been a close advisor to Tom Cruise before Davis split from the Church.

TMZ also claims that, despite being asked to leave the couple's Beverly Hills home, Carey is refusing to vacate the property, pointing to the increased nastiness of the situation and the fact that she relocated her family from New York to Los Angeles for her relationship.

These reports come after a weekend during which Carey turned a lot of heads by stepping out for a girls' night out at Catch L.A., which her hot young backup dancer joined her for. Though they're allegedly "just close friends," they still left the restaurant together on Saturday night.

Carey had replaced her massive engagement ring with a butterfly ring.

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