Why 'Harry Potter' is so important

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love Harry Potter -- but what is it about the series that makes it so wonderful?

Whisper users shared reasons why they fell in love with the series.

1. Harry's character is an inspiration:

No one knows the reason I love Harry Potter so much is because he won against his demons and it helps me believe I can too.
2. It's so realistic, despite all the magic:
I get sad thinking about Harry Potter sometimes. I wish it was real. I just want to reach into the book and pull the characters out of the pages into the real world.
3. It leaves you enchanted
I will forever hope to find another book series that enchanted me like Harry Potter did when I was 12. I'm 26 and still searching.
4. To some, it's like the only series in the world:
mom: the only book I ever see you read is Harry Potter! me: there's nothing else to read
5. It's the ultimate relaxation:
Reading Harry Potter feels like taking a train ride home after a long hard day
6. It's fun to read in a different accent:
When I read Harry Potter, I can't help but to read the dialogue with a British accent.
7. There's nothing like reading it for the first time:
I sometimes wish I could get a mild case of amnesia and re-read the Harry Potter series again.
8. It can help your mental health:
I honestly don't know who I would be without Harry Potter. It's what helps keeps my anxiety and depression at bay.
9. He'll never let you down:
I love Harry Potter I grew up with him and he's the one guy who has never let me down :)
10. The music is amazing:
I listen to the Harry Potter soundtracks when I study to feel like I'm at Hogwarts
11. It teaches you important life lessons:
Harry Potter taught me to love myself. I am forever grateful.
12. It can make you love reading:
I was that kind of person who would rather go die somewhere than open a book... that was before I started reading Harry Potter
13. Everyone else is doing it -- and with good reason!
Tbh I only started reading Harry Potter to fit in with my friends. But now I love it.
14. The movies are refreshing:
I take a break from reading Harry Potter by watching a Harry Potter movie.
15. Each book has a different mood:
My mood changes depending on which Harry Potter book I'm reading
16. It seems real:
I have a Harry Potter obsession so strong, I've spoken as if one of the characters was in the room with me when I need them.
17. It's an adventure for your imagination:
whenever someone makes fun of me for liking harry potter I make fun of them for being closed minded and having no imagination
18. There's so much to learn, and it's fun!
I know more about wizarding history in Harry Potter than I do about actual history.
19. It's a great way to avoid responsibilities:
I called in sick to work because Harry Potter is on. No regrets at all.
20. It says a lot about a person:
I once made up an excuse to not go on a second date with someone. The real reason being that they said my love for Harry Potter was childish.
21. It's an important pop culture reference:
I use every opportunity presented to reference Harry Potter

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