These people killed it at New York Comic Con

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Forget Halloween. When it comes to costume contests, the only time of the year that matters is during New York Comic Con.

Thousands of superfans attended NYCC this year, dressed as characters from their favorite comic books, movies, anime, video games and everything in between. And when superfans come together, they go all out. Here's some of the very best outfits from NYCC.

The cast of 'Overwatch'
'Overwatch' was one of the biggest game releases of the year, so it was no surprise seeing so many cosplays of its characters. These fans went all out, paying extreme detail to the game's futuristic outfits. When they all came together for a photoshoot, the crowds went nuts. Among the 'Overwatch' cosplayers, the guy who went dressed as the heavily-armored character, Reinhardt, was definitely one of the best.


All the Harley Quinns
Harley Quinn was easily one of the most-spotted cosplay at NYCC this year. Ladies of all ages were either donning Harley's signature baseball bat or hand in hand with a Joker on the con floor, making the look very competitive.

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The fun-size superheroes
The Marvel and DC booths at NYCC are always some of the biggest hits because they attract fans of all ages. And that meant adorable mini-versions of the Avengers and the Justice League.

Link from 'The Legend of Zelda'
As President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Speak softly, and carry a big sword." This cosplayer did just that, taking Link's signature green cap and tunic to the next level.

Gender bender Mystique
Sometimes the best way to put a new a spin a classic character is to go ahead and change their gender. It makes sense for a Mystique cosplay anyway, since the 'X-men" villain is a shapeshifter. Props goes to this cosplayer for going full body paint!


Click through the gallery to see the best costumes from New York Comic Con:

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