Remember Marnie's sister from 'Halloweentown'? Well, she's a 3rd degree blackbelt now

13 Best Disney Channel Halloween Movies
13 Best Disney Channel Halloween Movies

A classic in every sense of the word, "Halloweentown" was a Disney Channel original movie that has cemented itself into every 20-something's brain.

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Those of you who remember the good ole' days with amazing programming like "Lizzie McGuire," "Even Stevens" and "Smart House", also remember "Halloweentown." The 1998 film introduced us to the Piper family and we were never the same since.

Most super fans know what the main characters of the cast are up to, but what about sweet, little Sophie Piper? Sophie, as many of us remember, was Marnie's over-zealous little sis who was super into magic and witchcraft. When you have a grandmother like Aggie Cromwell, it's hard not to.

Here's a pic of the whole fam back in the day. Sophie obviously the little girl in the center!

And here they are in front of that infamous Jack-O-Lantern

As it turns out, after "Halloweentown" and it's sequels, Sophie or Emily Roeske, didn't stick around to live that glamorous, Hollywood life. However, that doesn't mean she isn't performing -- she still kind of is, in a sense.

The 24-year-old Roeske is a 3rd degree black belt and teaches Mixed Martial Arts with her family at Surprise Family Martial Arts in Surprise, AZ! According to their website, the former Disney star ranked #1 in the country, and is the current Arizona State Champion.

Just check out this awesome video of her back in 2012!

It's safe to say, Sophie doesn't need magic to kick some butt, because she looks like she could take on just about anyone!

Check out more Halloween fun in the gallery below!

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