7 of the best Halloween inspired pop culture moments

Every Halloween, horror enthusiasts gather around the TV to watch marathons of their favorite show and movies dedicated to the special day.

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While being scared is great (not really), we've decided to help out all those who don't enjoy looking over their shoulder every two minutes.

Below is a list we've compiled of some of the best moments from pop culture for those who don't like being scared, but still want to say they love Halloween programming. And not to worry, most of these are available on some sort of streaming service, so you could relive all the glory in no time!

1.) "Boy Meets World: And Then There Was Shawn"
Any '90s kid knows, this episode may or may not be the best "Boy Meets World" episode ever. Is it a bit scary at times? Maybe. But the self-parodying "Scream" episode is down right amazing.

2.) "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
When you hear the words "cult-classic" the first thing that probably jumps out is the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." The musical campfest is one that has defied generations. Frank N. Furter and Janet are sure to get you in the Halloween mood.

3.) "Beetlejuice"
Another cult classic is none other than Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice." Michael Keaton as the main character absolutely kills it, along with scene stealers Winona Ryder in her first major film role, and comedian Catherine O'Hara as her theatrical mom. We apologize in advance if this song gets stuck in your head.

4.) "Hocus Pocus"
It's hard to even mention Halloween without mentioning the mother of all witch inspired Halloween movies, "Hocus Pocus." Released in the summer of 1993, it never truly got the recognition it deserved until years later. Now, you can't turn on ABC Family during the ghoulish season without catching the Sanderson sisters up to no good.

5.) "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
When it comes to classics, nothing rises greater than Charlie Brown. A staple for many during the Halloween season, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is something the entire family can enjoy.

6.) "Friends: The One with the Halloween Party"
Pretty much every holiday centered "Friends" episode is a guaranteed laugh, aside from every other episode, and this one is no different. With Chandler dressed up as a bunny, Ross as Spudnik, and Phoebe as Supergirl, you can't really go wrong.

7.) "Roseanne: Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down"
The pinnacle of Halloween inspired TV episodes goes to "Roseanne." The Conner family always went all out and never, ever failed to disappoint. Every year they managed to out-do themselves, and the clip below is no different.

If you're not busy binge watching one of those series, or feverishly trying to find "Hocus Pocus" on ABC Family, take a look at some of the great Halloween costumes in the gallery below!

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