Shane Dawson dishes on his most memorable fan moment

One of the most viral YouTube stars of all time, Shane Dawson, recently released his second book It Gets Worse, which tells both happy and sad tales about his life.

Before venturing into the book-writing world, Dawson had already made a name for himself on YouTube, with over 15 million followers across his pages and a dedicated fan following.

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We had the chance to sit down with Shane and chat about his fan experiences and more. Read part two of our interview with Dawson below!

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In the past ten years you've really taken on the role of a pioneer in the YouTube space. What has that experience been like for you?

It's cool. It's cool that I was at the beginning of something that has turned into this big mainstream thing. I remember trying to get a meeting with anyone in Hollywood and being laughed out of the room, whereas now everyone in Hollywood is asking about how to use YouTube. So, it's insane to me, but also I'm so happy that I lasted. Most YouTubers only last two and a half years. The fact that I'm still here is amazing. It is hard, though. My stuff from when I first started at 19 years old -- there are a lot of videos I would never make now, a lot of jokes I would never would make now and a lot of things I'd never talk about now. That's all still there, so that's hard.

What is your relationship like with your fans? How would you describe that?

I love it because I put everything out there. They definitely aren't expecting to meet somebody who is put together or dressed nicely. I'm kind of a wacky slob. When they meet me, it's like they're meeting a friend or meeting somebody that they've been hanging out with for ten years. I'm not somebody who they are 'in love with', it's not like that. I'm more of their insane insane, crazy uncle who they are finally ready to meet. I love that.

What's been your most memorable fan moment on this tour?

I had one kid come up to me a few years ago, and she wanted me to sign her arm. I saw her the next year at the last book signing, and she had my signature made into a tattoo. I get nervous about signing phone cases, they're $30 or whatever but signing your skin and having that be permanent. I was horrified, but that was definitely the most memorable thing. I don't want more people to do that though, I feel like it's a big mistake, haha.

How often do fans come up to you and talk about their own personal stories and how you've influenced them?

Quite a lot. It's interesting, I feel like this year it's changed a lot, maybe because YouTube is more mainstream and more kids watch it. But I've definitely met more people in the real world and they all have a story and they all connect to what I went through. It's also people like, a waitress at Cheesecake factory who's 30, and who I would never expect would watch my videos -- it's interesting to hear all of their stories. I'm happy I put myself in front of the camera, which I never wanted to do. I'm happy I put myself out there.

Has there been a lot of pressure to continue to push out viral content even though you're an established figure in the YouTube space?

Yeah, the pressure is that people want more. Before, I was doing one video a week, and if I missed a week it was a big deal -- people would ask where I was. Now, it's every day. Sometimes I don't put up videos on the weekend and people ask where I am. That's a little overwhelming. I'm such a machine when it comes to working that I know exactly what I need to do, I pick a day, I film the videos I need to film and get it done. I'm very scheduled. For me, it's been easy, I could do ten videos a week and be fine. I have a lot of ideas and it's just me sitting and improvising for 20 minutes and cutting it down to 3 minutes and putting it up. The last year on YouTube has been really exciting for me. I've been able to try new stuff, I've been able to do darker stuff and the audience is there for it.

What's the one piece of advice you wish you had received before you jumped into the social space?

Don't do anything out of fear, or don't think it's all going to disappear tomorrow. I was like that for the last nine years. This last year, I changed this mindset. I kept thinking it's all going to go away tomorrow, people won't care anymore, I'm not going to have any more ideas. Once I got rid of those thoughts and realized that I've been doing this for 9 years, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. To people who are just starting out, stop worrying about the future and if you're going to run out of ideas, and if you're going to be over, and if people are going to be tired of you and just focus on making something good right now.

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