Miss 2059 star Anna Akana reveals her favorite moment on set

Social star Anna Akana is taking her powers to new heights in the new film Miss 2059.

Akana plays pageant queen Victoria who is jealous of her sister Arden, who is a world famous military hero. But when Victoria is beamed up to space instead of her sister, she must represent her home planet Earth.

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We had the chance to sit down with actress, filmmaker and social media influencer Anna Akana to hear more about her work on Miss 2059. Read the interview below!

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What was it like developing your character for Miss 2059?

Miss 2059 was really fun. Victoria is not in my wheelhouse, which is why I really wanted to play her. Arden is much more who I can play right away. So developing her character was really fun, and I actually kept watching all of my very girly friends and seeing how they talk and how they carry themselves to get inspiration. I'm very much slouched over doing whatever, and then they always have perfect posture and their hands are always touching, and so doing Victoria was so much fun because it was not me. It was just pure acting on a different level, so embodying her was really quite cool.

What was your favorite moment while filming on set?

My favorite moment was the line, "You're right Arden I don't have skills I have talents," right before she plays the violin and destroys her first beast, because that encapsulates her perfectly. This is the moment that defines the entire series .

Do you see yourself moving towards traditional mediums with acting moving forward?

I've been pursuing both traditional and digital at the same time. I always want to be working in all playgrounds. Digital is always fun because you have more creative control, and traditional is a nice relax of 'oh I just have one job today I just get to do this and I get to go home and I don't have any producing responsibilities'. I love being in both and they keep me balanced out.

What do you hope viewers will take away from watching Miss 2059?

I hope a lot of girls will be inspired from it. Everyone is a person of color, except for one white man who is purple. It's all women in the galaxy competition, so I really hope someone will take away that it doesn't matter what kind of woman you are, we all have our different kinds of strengths. Even someone who seems to be shallow and vain, and maybe stupid like Victoria, actually has high social intelligence and can survive in something she seemingly wouldn't be able to.

What kind of projects are you kind of looking forward to for the future?

Well I actually have a Transformers cartoon series on go90, which is so fun. I'm a robot, and I'm also going to Georgia and next month to film 'Undying'.

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