Jesse Tyler Ferguson dishes on 'Modern Family' and what he's cooking off-screen

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is best known for playing Mitchell on the hit ABC show, "Modern Family," but off-screen he's got a couple other interests -- starting with cooking!

The 40-year-old actor confessed that if he wasn't acting, he'd probably be in culinary school and he loves to have people over for dinner.

"I'd love to have the cast of Ru'Paul's drag race over for dinner. I'm up for that challenge." Ferguson said in a Facebook live stream with AOL. "I'd go the spicy route. I'd probably do some sort of Mexican dish. I make a really good green chile chicken enchilada."

And although he likes to add the spice to his food, Ferguson revealed he gets a little help from Pepcid in between meals -- because sometimes all that spice is a bit too fiery for his palate.

This season on "Modern Family" they're definitely cooking up a big show. Ferguson dished that they've got some great guest stars coming by the show like Shelly Long and Martin Short.

Hear more from our interview below!

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