'Harry Potter' fans, rejoice: You can now discover your true Patronus


LONDON — The quiz we've all been waiting for is finally here.

After a day of teasing out clues on Twitter, official Harry Potter site Pottermore has finally confirmed what many were suspecting: we now have an actual Patronus quiz.

Pottermore shared a link to the quiz — which invites you to answer a series of questions to determine which animal your Patronus would be — in a tweet early Thursday afternoon.

Being the dangerously obsessed Harry Potter fan that I am, I immediately abandoned everything else and went straight to their website.

So how does the quiz work?

Basically, you need to log in to Pottermore and answer a handful of multiple choice questions while you're sped along through a gloomily animated forest. Mysterious music plays in the background, and the whole thing is appropriately atmospheric and awesome.

Oh hell yes.

Oh hell yes.

Image: pottermore

The questions are pretty straightforward — rough or smooth; hope, trust, or love, etc. — and you're asked to go with your instincts and answer as quickly as possible.

Image: pottermore

Image: pottermore

Finally, you enter a clearing and are told to swipe the screen in order to reveal your Patronus.

I can't remember which answers I clicked, but I came out with a badass red squirrel for my Patronus so I was pretty pleased with that.

Just look at him go:

On a side note, J.K. Rowling's Patronus is a pine marten (she revealed it in a tweet back in 2014).

Red squirrels are sort of similar to pine martins, right?

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