Can you determine the season of 'Friends' just by a picture?

Calling all "Friends" fans!

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The NBC comedy has a super, special place in the hearts of millions, and we thought, why not put their knowledge where their mouth is? Everyone claims to be "Friends" fan, but can you even determine which season is which? Below, are a bunch of stills from all 10 seasons, and we want you to guess which season belongs to each picture.

You could check out the answers if you scroll all the way to the bottom, and see if you really could be a member of the Central Perk crew.

1.) Season 1 or Season 2?Friends - Season 1
Photo cred: Getty

2.) Season 1 or Season 3?
Friends - Season 1Photo cred: Getty

3.) Season 4 or Season 6?
FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

4.) Season 8 or Season 9?FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

5.) Season 5 or Season 7?FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

6.) Season 4 or Season 5?FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

7.) Season 2 or Season 3?
FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

8.) Season 2 or Season 4?
FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

9.) Season 1 or Season 2?Friends - Season 2Photo cred: Getty

10.) Season 6 or Season 7?Friends Publicity StillsPhoto cred: Getty

11.) Season 7 or Season 8?
Friends Television Stills


12.) Season 9 or Season 10?
FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

13.) Season 8 or Season 9?
FriendsPhoto cred: Getty

1.) Season 1, The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate
2.) Season 1, The One With the Monkey
3.) Season 6, The One Where Ross Got High
4.) Season 8, The One With the Baby Shower
5.) Season 5, The One in Vegas
6.) Season 4, The One With All the Wedding Dresses
7.) Season 3, The One With All the Football
8.) Season 2, The One After the Super Bowl
9.) Season 2, The One Where Ross Finds Out
10.) Season 7, The One With the Nap Partners
11.) Season 7, The One with the Holiday Armadillo
12.) Season 10, The One With Phoebe's Wedding
13.) Season 9, The One With Rachel's Other Sister

So, how many did you get right? Hopefully all of them, to be honest.

Can't get enough of "Friends"? Neither can we! Check out the gallery of the Central Perk gang below, and see how much each cast member is worth now.

Net worth Friends cast
See Gallery
Net worth Friends cast

Jennifer Aniston: $150 million

Photo: Reuters

Courteney Cox: $120 million

Photo: Reuters

Lisa Kudrow: $60 million

Photo: Reuters

Matthew Perry: $70 million

Photo: Reuters

Matt Leblanc: $60 million

Photo: Reuters

David Schwimmer: $80 million

Photo: Reuters


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