Kevin Gnapoor from 'Mean Girls' is a straight up stud now, and is a super successful chalk artist

Remember When Tina Fey Was in Mean Girls?
Remember When Tina Fey Was in Mean Girls?

We've been graced with some truly incredible movies like "Titanic," "Shawshank Redemption," and of course, "Mean Girls."

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"Mean Girls" possibly could be the most quoted movie in all of movie history ("Is butter a carb?), and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Obviously, one of the reasons it was so huge was thanks to Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels, the brains behind the beauty.

Of our favorite characters, one that continues to jump to the top of the list is none other than math club member, Kevin Gnapoor.

Kevin, as we remember, attempts to get Cady's character (Lindsay Lohan) to join North Shore's Mathletes, to which Damian replies would be "social suicide."

Well, it's been 12 years since the film premiered, and we were curious what James Bond the third looks like now.

So yeah, we're not hating at all. Kevin G, who's real name is Rajiv Surendra, has stayed out of the lime light since his days on "Mean Girls." However, his new career is way, way cooler.

Ready for this? His a chalk artist. Just check out his insane Instagram.

To say we are jealous, is a complete understatement. You could also learn more about his epic chalk art/calligraphy business here.

We'd also be stupid if we didn't acknowledge this gem from his Insta.


Check out more "Mean Girls" love in the gallery below!

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