The top 5 most ridiculously priced Disney VHS tapes

Call mom and dad and urge them not to throw out ANY of your old Disney VHS tapes.

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Growing up in the '90s, one thing we always had was our collection of VHS tapes. Whether it was your treasured "Rugrats in Paris," tape that you clutched to your heart, or perhaps the box set of "Titanic," VHS tapes were our life.

However, this got us wondering, how much as they worth now? Get ready to book a trip home to clear out your parent's '90s entertainment center that they refuse to get rid of, because you might just get a little bit richer thanks to your Disney stash.

Here are a list of your favorite Disney VHS tapes and their *current* net worth.

5.) The Lion King -- $250

Photo cred: eBay

4.) Aladdin --$275

Photo cred: eBay

3.) Bambi -- $599

Photo cred: eBay

2.) The Little Mermaid -- $9,000

Photo cred: eBay

1.) Beauty and the Beast -- $12,000

Photo cred: eBay

BRB while we go and call our parents.

In the meantime, check out more Disney love in the gallery below!

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