Editor's Book Club: 5 new books to add to your list

We all love a good Netflix binge, but there are few things better than a Sunday in bed curled up with a good book. Finding the perfect read is not always easy though. With so many books out there, it's hard to narrow down what is worth the read. These 5 new-releases have been on the radar here at AOL.

This thriller is a story about a women who is a homicide detective keeping one major secret. 
Part 2 of the 'Games Duet', this New York Times best-selling author completes this high strung love novel about the intensity of power, divorce and rediscovering yourself.
Raising the question of a women's role in society and the importance of love in a person's life, Virginia Woolf's new novel is a must read!
Holly Brown's riveting novel is the tale of two women with a psychological dilemma that will keep you turning page after page!
This exciting and fast-paced novel illustrates a story about a man who defies the French revolutionary.

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