Is this Hillary Clinton's next move?


By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

Hands have been shaken, hatchets have been buried and, as painful as it may have been for her, Hillary Clinton has witnessed a peaceful transfer of power take place. Now what's next for the Clinton dynasty?

According to Politico, Clinton is still dealing with her recent election loss and will not be focusing on partisan issues for quite some time.

Rather, the former secretary of state is still studying what exactly caused her to lose in the hopes of avoiding repeating mistakes.

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Conversations have taken place with former President Obama's 'Organizing for Action' initiative to see about potential work opportunities.

Clinton has also reportedly voiced her desire to help grow young party leaders and streamline a tattered Democratic National Committee.

Politico reports that the Clinton's will largely stay out of the race for a new DNC head given how sensitive the issue of leaked emails involving Bernie Sanders was.

Friends also say the Clintons are unlikely to ever run for office again. The family will instead support their friends in midterm and gubernatorial races.

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