Twitter erupts with photos of people's shoes after the inauguration


By: Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Twitter is erupting with people sharing pictures of their shoes, and it's not just because they love their Nikes or Louboutins.

The hashtag 'marching shoes' is trending as women (and men) tweet pictures of the shoes they plan to wear at Saturday's Women's March.

From tennis shoes to rain boots to hiking footwear, people are sharing their images captioned with the reasons why they march.

They're marching in groups.

They're marching for their grandchildren, and for equal pay for women, and because everyone deserves clean water, and for their unborn children.

One woman even re-laced her shoes in the colors of UK's women's social and political union and is marching in London.

Despite the name Women's March, all walks of life will be attending Saturday's March in 160 cities all over the world, with the main march being in Washington D.C

So get your march on, but maybe the leave the Louboutins at home... because ouch!