Cameron Dallas explains social media is more than a 'follow'


Social media superstar Cameron Dallas, 22, stopped by AOL's BUILD Series recently to catch us up on his crazy, fun-filled (and sometimes drama-filled) life. From working in retail to posting comedic six-second videos on the once-popular mainstream app, Vine to now posting videos on YouTube, doing meet and greets, and modeling for Calvin Klein, Dallas has built an incredibly popular fan base. He has accrued 5.2 million YouTube subscribers, 9.6 million followers on Twitter, 17.3 million followers on Instagram, and 2.3 billion Vine loops to this date.

Being an Internet personality is no easy feat as many would assume. Social media is a lot more than just posting things and getting likes and follows. Dallas confirmed by saying:

"It's not just about posting a video then it's done. There's a lot of things that goes behind it. There's a lot of logistics. There's like deals, things like that. I feel like a lot of people don't take that into consideration."

There's a lot of responsibilities in managing a brand and it appears Dallas has honed that ability along with his management team as documented in his Netflix show, "Chasing Cameron".

One aspect you can admire about Dallas is that he still tries his very best to engage with as many of his fans online (a follow, a quick DM, or simply just liking your comments) even though at this stage of his career its harder to do so. That's a big part in maintaining his public image and his integrity with his fans.

"I still try to maintain that relationship and maintain that connection and try and go out of my way to do things like that and I still do. It's a lot harder for people to notice that I do that too because sometimes so many people [are] like 'Oh, you're not messaging back or you're not tweeting back', and it's like I do but there's just so many of them. But they've played a pivotal part in everything I do. They're the reason that I have everything really. It's very humbling."

Whatever Dallas works on next in his life this year and the years to come remains to be seen, but for now, the future looks bright for him. You can watch the crazy journey Dallas embarked on unfold in his new series "Chasing Cameron" already streaming on Netflix.

Lastly, you can follow his socials: @camerondallas on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, and subscribe to @theecamerondallas on YouTube.