Trump to tech titans: Call me anytime, there's 'no formal chain of command around here'

President-elect Donald Trump boasted Wednesday that there was no formal hierarchy inside his transition team.

The comments came while the president-elect was speaking to executives from the nation's top tech companies. Trump urged any of the leaders to call him or his advisers at any time.

"We have no formal chain of command around here," Trump explained.

The remarks were almost certain to raise the eyebrows of observers who might be surprised at the level of order instituted as Trump prepares to assume the presidency in January.

Prior to winning the election, chaos and disarray often best characterized Trump's inner circle. Trump, for instance, went through a number of campaign chiefs during his successful run for the White House.

The Wednesday tech meeting hosted by Trump was attended by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt and CEO Larry Page, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, PayPal founder Peter Thiel, and others.