Last chance to save big on award-winning Rosetta Stone

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Whether you're jaunting off to a dreamy destination or you want to learn to chat with your significant other's fam, Rosetta Stone is the perfect place to start. This award-winning software capitalizes on the natural learning-language process--matching images with words--so that those words become super easy to remember. And for a limited time only, it's $79 off the regular price in the Shop on AOL!

Like anyone learning a new language, you probably want to start with the practical things like how to order wine or find the bathroom. Rosetta Stone teaches the basics better than any at-home program, and even uses fancy technology to correct your pronunciation in real-time.

Rosetta Stone is the best for a reason. It will have you chatting, writing love letters and reading street signs and newspapers in no time at all. This box set includes levels 1 through 4 of Spanish, French, Italian, or English. Each is currently 34% off and listed at just $149.99. But, speaking with new people all over the world? That's priceless.

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