Stephen King calls Trump Cthulhu, gets angry response

By Patrick Jones (Buzz60)

Everyone's got an opinion of Donald Trump.

He's pretty scary to a lot of people, including the master of horror author himself, Stephen King.

King recently tweeted 'breaking news: reliable sources reveal that Donald Trump is actually Cthulhu. The absurd hairdo isn't absurd at all. It hides the tentacles.

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In case you don't know Cthulhu is a cosmic entity created by H.P. Lovecraft in a short story called the call of Cthulhu in 1928. Since then it's kicked around cultural references and has really taken on a second life with the internet.

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Now that King called Trump out is all fine and good...unless you're Cthulhu who was offended. There's a parody twitter account being run suggesting the mythological beast as an option for president and it's released a statement. Tweeting 'Trump could barely hope to be 1/63 as great as I am if he weren't such a buffoon.

The account also included a longer statement packed with references from King's works. Is America finally #ReadyforCthulhu?