Thieves steal $150,000 in loot during open house

Thieves Steal $150,000 in Loot During Open House
Thieves Steal $150,000 in Loot During Open House

Two thieves made off with more than free cookies and punch at an open house in California.

At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was your typical open house in Sherman Oaks, California. People were milling about, taking some pictures, envisioning themselves in the space, the usual.

Except that two of the people asking the realtor questions about water pressure and moldings were actually plants. They were there to distract the real estate agent while their two cohorts snuck in and cased the joint for $150,000 worth of loot.

One of the thieves ran upstairs and raided the owner's watch collection. The other one went for electronics like an iPad and a camera.

Police are hoping surveillance video will help find the men and the couple who distracted the real estate agent.

Meanwhile, the owner will show his house by appointment only in the future.