Experts predict ISIS will target Western church for their next attack

Churches Work to Improve Security After Priest Is Murdered
Churches Work to Improve Security After Priest Is Murdered

Counter-terror experts are predicting that the next target for a terrorist attack will likely be a Western church, according to new counter-terror measures obtained by Mirror Online.

New counter terrorism advice has is being sent to churches across the UK, and according to the report, a terrorist attack on a church "is coming."

Places of worship in the UK are now being urged to take precautions and increase security as they are considered "easy targets" for extremists.

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The new measures come on the heels of two ISIS terrorists killing a priest in France in July. Fears are now growing that a similar attack could occur in the UK.

According to Mirror Online, the measures, called Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches, encourages religious leaders to prepare for incidents and to be on alert for attackers, who are likely to be armed with knives.

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These measures are mostly aimed at small, local churches that have less security measures in place than large institutions. Recommendations include hiring security to guard the doors of churches during service and installing CCTV cameras and alarms.

The U.K. government has made a little over $3 million in security funding available to places of worship. The money is meant to be spent on security equipment, and individual churches still have to chip in 20 percent.

Some U.K. vicars also say they've been instructed not to wear their clerical collars in public, though both National Churchwatch and the government don't advise priests to change their behavior. Tolson told the Mirror: "If you stop people wearing them they feel their faith is challenged. It's about teaching people to react to the situation in front of them."

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