Baby simulators aren't preventing teen pregnancy

Virtual babies don't discourage teens from wanting real ones

A new study shows that teens given lifelike baby dolls as part of program to discourage them from wanting a real baby actually became pregnant at a higher rate than peers in a control group.

The study followed 3,000 Australian girls between 13 and 15 years old and followed them until they turned 20.

Half of the group received intervention which encourages girls to think twice about becoming pregnant.

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The focus of the prevention program is a weekend with an "infant simulator" that cries and must be "fed, burped, rocked, and have its nappy changed."

The program is meant to teach that babies have intensive, constant needs that can compromise a teenager's lifestyle and goals.

17% of the girls who received the intervention became pregnant by age 20, while just 11% did in the control group.

Abortions were high in both groups and averaged 57%.

Such prevention programs are growing in popularity in both high-income and low-income countries.

However, this is the first published evidence of their long-term effects.

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