Taco Tuesday: These tacos will tingle your taste buds

Taco Tuesdays: What Tuesday's were made for
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Taco Tuesdays: What Tuesday's were made for

BBQ tilapia and sweet potato tacos

"I didn’t try to over complicate things with a million ingredients, toppings, etc and oh my…these were DELISH! If you’re not the tilapia-eating sort, I think they would be just as good with chicken or shrimp {or of course tofu if you’re vegetarian or vegan}…YUM!" - Lemons and Basil

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Slow cooker citrus chicken tacos 

"They’re a fresh, healthy and easy mid-week taco. Throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning and that evening your dinner is ready. Done. " - Displaced Housewife

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Popcorn shrimp tacos with coleslaw and pico de gallo

"I love the crispy texture of the shrimp and chicken, the lime, the cumin, the crunch, the heat and the sweet. It is like all these flavors and textures came together and shook hands on a great deal." - Simply Sated

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Poblano chicken tacos with pipicha

"These tacos really hit the spot. I roasted some Poblano Chiles under the broiler and mixed them with some chicken I grilled up in a skillet. I added some of the pipicha to the pan and then de-glazed it with tequila." - The Wanderlust Kitchen

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Adobo pork street tacos

"Sometimes, an idea strikes me like lightening. When that happens, I will not rest until I make it a reality. This recipe was one such idea."

Blackberry Babe

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Quick hummus tacos

"These Hummus Tacos take the “easy” factor to a new level, since all you have to do is pop open a container of hummus and chop a few vegetables. No cooking involved." - Eating Made Easy

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Cauliflower tacos with cumin and za'atar

"For these tacos, it all starts with a few splashes of color courtesy of these beautiful purple and yellow cauliflowers that get tossed and seasoned with some tasty spices. Cumin and za'atar push these florets to a whole new level of tastiness with an added depth of citrusy and herb flavors." - A Brown Table

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Tuesday has arrived which only means one thing, tacos baby. It's always good to have a semi-midweek treat to look forward to and we at the Lifestyle Collective know you deserve it. Tacos are the perfect combination of easy cooking, delicious taste and sometimes (dare i say it) really healthy recipes. You really cannot go wrong with these bad boys and our bloggers know it as well.

Click through the slideshow for tasty taco recipes ranging from hummus, cauliflower, pork and shrimp and enjoy!

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