Sweet couple married 70 years shares their secret

Couple Married 70 Years Shares Their Secret

MEMPHIS, Tenn, WREG -- "My husband and I have had some good times...good times together."

Junius and Hattie Puryear have reached a milestone. The couple has been married 70 years.

"Did you always know he was the one for you?" asked WREG's April Thompson.

"Yes. He prayed. Honey, tell her how you prayed," Hattie said with a laugh.

"I was praying for me a wife. I was 26-years-old. I said 'Lord I need a wife. I want a good wife,'" Junius replied.

Junius and Hattie Puryear met on a blind date in 1946 and they have been an item ever since. "We didn't date too long. No, didn't date long," said Hattie.

"You got married in 6 months?" Thompson asked.

"Yes, in 6 months we got married and happily married ever since," she said. At a time when couples are quick to call it quits, the Puryears` hung in there. Mrs. Puryear is now 92. Mr. Puryear is 96. As for disagreements, they're kept to a minimum.

"Everybody have ups and downs, a little misunderstanding, but we never fall out," said Junius. "We may not agree with every little thing, but when we pray over it. Everything works out alright for us. We don't argue, don't fuss, don't clown."

After 70 years, this diamond couple is still going. They still live in North Memphis. On any given day, Mr Puryear can still been seen driving up the street. Mrs. Puryear uses a walker, but it isn't stopping her. "We just have a good time together. I tell you what. Just like he holding my hand here. I don't want him to get away," said Hattie.

The Puryears have been members of Keel Avenue Baptist for almost as long as they have been married. They said faith has been a big part in their lives together. "Faith in God. Put him first in your life and everything will be alright."

Their church, family and friends recently helped Mr. Puryear surprise his wife with a 70th wedding anniversary dinner. "I just wanted to do something special since we have been together 70 years. The only wife I ever had."

When we posted their picture from the celebration on Facebook, it went viral. People shocked about their age, how long they have been married and how good they look. Their Pastor told WREG they are an inspiration.

"They show you can go through hard times and still make it. They show you can love each other through anything. They are just great examples," he said.

The Puryears never had children but have many nieces, nephews and extended family.

Their advice to couples today is to "be honorable to one another. Have the same mind as one another," said Junius. "I would give to a young couple, be on one accord with the husband. Don't get in the mindset, that's yours, this is mind."

And if you are wondering if it`s really possible to still be in love after 70 years, the couple said absolutely.

"Oh yes! We are closer now. I think we are much more in love."

"Love grows. The longer you be together, the more you love."

And they should know.

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