Pizza actually has a positive effect on your productivity

A Week Of Really Awesome Office Lunches

If you've been waiting for science to confirm that pizza isn't entirely bad for you, the time has come. While the most addictive food known to man isn't going to improve your health, it will motivate you to work harder, according to a study led by Dan Ariely in his upcoming book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, New York Magazine reports.

In Ariely's experiment, semiconductor factory workers at Intel in Israel were given the promise of one of three things at the beginning of their work week if they hit their goal: a voucher for free pizza, a cash bonus, and a compliment from their boss. Meanwhile, the control group received none of those promises. Almost immediately, pizza emerged as the most effective incentive. The workers who were promised pizza for meeting their quota out-produced the control group by 6.7%.

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America's pizza styles
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America's pizza styles


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California Style

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Chicago Deep Dish

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New England Greek

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Colorado Style

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Tomato Pie

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Surprisingly, pizza was a considerably more effective motivator than a cash bonus, which increased productivity by 4.9% after the compliment group which landed at a 6.6% increased productivity.

If you're looking to make more friends in the office, you now know which snack to bring to work.

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