Optical illusion transforms normal woman into torso-less monster

Why Is This Woman's Leg Is Connected To Her Head?

Long legs are often a coveted trait in the fashion world, but this is verging on ridiculous.

A Reddit user shared the following image of a woman's head floating just above the water in a swimming pool with the caption "Do those legs go all the way up?"

And from the look of it, they sure as hell do.

Do those legs go all the way up? from funny

At first glance, the woman's body appears to be completely missing, with her legs leading directly into her head.

But obviously, she is not a torso-less monster, and there is a simple scientific explanation to the phenomenon depicted in the viral image.

"Refraction," one intelligent user commented. "When light leaves/enters water, it is bent, traveling in a different direction to your eye. What you see from this low camera angle is what you'd see from a much steeper camera angle, if the water were not there."

Yes, that's definitely true -- but is also isn't any fun at all.

"Such an impossible body image to live up to," joked one user.

"The head bone is connected to the leg bone," jested another.

MUCH better. Maybe science and reason can take a back seat for humors sake, just this one time.

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