A weird, unexpected productivity trick

Inspired: Goal Setting 101

How many times have you wished for more hours in the day?

Me too. Sometimes I lay in bed and think to myself, "It's really crazy to think about how much I could accomplish with just two extra hours per day."

Unfortunately, gaining extra hours isn't exactly a reality, but there is something that tends to help me be much more productive with my day, making the most of the hours I do have.

(Now, I do write about productivity from time to time–but I've never exactly shared this one little tip in particular...)

Listen to music in a foreign language.


Yes. I swear to you, it works every time.

I admitted this funny little quirk of mine–listening to French music–on Instagram once. One follower explained that because the music is in a language you don't understand, you don't get caught up in what the meaning of the song is, or in what they lyrics are trying to convey–thus, it's the perfect amount of soothing background noise, without being distracting!


My favorite is Carla Bruni. (She also happens to casually be a former French first lady and Chanel model, so that's pretty cool too. NBD.)

I've been listening to her for years, and I own her album "Little French Songs" on vinyl. Her music is very soothing, almost like a French Norah Jones–and it always gets me into such a productive zone. (She's also available on Spotify! Look her up!)

I also love listening to her when I'm cooking, cleaning, and doing pretty much anything else–but while I'm working, is where she really shines!

Give it a try next time you need to get into the zone. Put on some calm music in a foreign language in the background–I swear, you'll be astounded at how well it works!


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