Single women in these cities are more likely to make over $100k

Single Women in These Cities Are More Likely to Make Over $100k

By: Keri Lumm

While equal pay is still a big issue for American women, there is hope for single ladies in a few cities.

According to a study done by RedFin, there are several places where, in a head-to-head comparison of single men and single women, more women earn more than $100,000 a year than their male counterparts.

The number one place for single women to six figures is Washington, D.C., where over 4 percent of unattached women are bringing home at least $100,000, compared to just .8 percent of single men.

Neighboring Baltimore is also a good place for single women to earn, coming in fifth on the list.

Boston comes in second. With Harvard feeding the employment force, it's not a surprise that single women are getting paid a substantial salary,

The only town on the West Coast that appears to be good for single women is third-placed San Francisco. In a town where homes are selling in the "low 1 millions," a hundred grand a year isn't that exciting.

New York comes in fourth place with 2.4 percent of single women making over $100,0000 a year at their job. So basically if single women are looking to make big bucks, it looks like you need to move to the North East.

Scroll through to learn about ways to save money when buying food:

9 foods to buy in bulk if you're looking to save money
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9 foods to buy in bulk if you're looking to save money

1. Apples

Apples can last several months in a cool, dry place.  Of course, you could also process them into applesauce, apple butter, etc., but in general, if you buy several bags of apples, or better yet, pick several buckets of them, they’ll be fine for a long time, as long as you don’t wash them right away.

Photo credit: Getty

2. Strawberries

I love to buy lots of strawberries when they’re on sale because they’re so easy to freeze. Did you know that you can even freeze them with their greens still attached? If you freeze strawberries for smoothies, you can easily throw the whole strawberry with the greens still attached, into the blender. It is edible.

Photo credit: Getty

3. Onions & Peppers

If you find a great sale on onions and peppers, you can totally stock your freezer with pre-chopped vegetables. Recently I found bags of red, yellow and orange peppers for only $1.50. I bought several and chopped them up to save for future meals. If you’ll be cooking with them, you’ll never notice that they were frozen first.

Photo credit: Getty

4. Cheese

This is probably my favorite grocery item to buy in bulk. At our local grocery store, shredded cheese costs nearly $5 per pound. But, when I go to a membership store, I can get it for around $2.75 per pound. This is a huge savings! We make so many recipes that call for cheese, I always keep a 5-pound bag of it in my refrigerator and two more in the freezer.

Photo credit: Getty

5. Spices

I prefer to buy my spices by the pound, rather than by the bottle. Spices last for years! Typically, if you buy them by the pound, you’ll spend less than you do on some of those little bottles.

Photo credit: Getty

6. Dry Pasta

This is another food that has a very long shelf life.  You’ll need to do your due diligence to be sure that it is not in an extremely humid environment, but pasta will last for months, if not years, as well.

Photo credit: Getty

7. Canned Goods

I like to buy these in bulk when we go to Aldi, because they’re the cheapest there. Typically, I buy a case of canned goods at a time, so that I always keep a well-stocked pantry. If you choose to do this, be sure that the items you’re buying are things you use up on a regular basis.

Photo credit: Getty

8. Oats

I like to keep a food-safe bucket in my kitchen full of oats.This has helped me save so much money on breakfasts through the years. By buying it in bulk, I save about $1 per pound, when compared to typical grocery store pricing.

Photo credit: Getty

9. Meat 

When I see a sale on meat, I always grab it, if the price is low enough. Meat is usually the most expensive grocery item in your meal, so this is a great area to do some bulk shopping. In the past, we’ve found ground beef on sale for $2 a pound and we loaded our freezer up with as much as we thought we could eat in the next several months. We also buy a side of beef from our local farmer, which can save several dollars per pound, depending on the cut of meat that we are talking about.

Photo credit: Getty


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