People who have been declared dead and then revived reveal their experiences with death

Britney Spears Recounts Near-Death Experience in Hawaii: 'I Nearly Drowned'

Life does not always go as planned. Some people have untimely endings; others narrowly escape them. One Reddit thread asked those who have experienced the latter what they felt when they were dying; the answers are pretty illuminating.

This person remembers feeling like "an old television," slowly fading out. They were also heartbroken at the thought of never seeing their financé again:

You might think the concept of seeing "the white light" a cliché, but this tale says otherwise:

Others, however, remember nothing:

This woman described it as a "black void":

Not all these cases involved darkness or light, however. One user described having an extremely out-of-body experience when they were a child:

As life is different for everyone, it makes sense that all these "near-death" experiences are different as well. Whether we'll ever witness something so scary, we don't know, but these responses certainly make us think.

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