DNA test confirms friends switched at birth 41 years earlier

DNA Test Confirms Friends Switched at Birth 41 Years Earlier

By: Nathan Smith

Two friends living in a remote Canadian community are in tears after DNA tests confirm the two friends were switched at birth 41 years ago.

In 1975, Leon Swanson and David Tait Jr. were born three days apart at the government run hospital, Norway House Indian Hospital, where the switch took place.

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The men say they had been teased about resembling one another's families.

"At about 20 years old, people started teasing us, you know what I mean, about being switched," said Leon Swanson.

This is the second time in less than a year it's been confirmed the hospital has made a mixup, raising questions about the care of indigenous people in Canada.

At a press conference, the family's spokesman said, "the first time could be discounted as a mistake. A second time in my view is a criminal activity." An investigation is underway.

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