A former Facebook news team worker says management basically ignored them

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Facebook reportedly fired the team responsible for curating its Trending Topics news section on Friday — now someone who worked on the team has described what it was like to work there.

In a series of tweets on Monday, a former Facebook contractor named Saira Khan shared the 14 "best and most absurd" things she saw while working on the social network's news team.

She claims that Facebook managers said contractors on her team didn't have paid time off because they were already making "adult money" and weren't married or parents.

Khan says on her LinkedIn profile that she worked on Facebook's news team from August 2014 to March 2016, and we've reached out to Facebook for comment on her tweets.

Here are Khan's tweets about working on Facebook's news team:

Former Facebook worker describes what it's like to work for the company
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Former Facebook worker describes what it's like to work for the company
In case you didn't hear, Facebook's trending team was laid off Friday, effective immediately.
I was on this team from 2014 to a few months ago. In honor of the team's demise I'll be sharing the 14 best & most absurd things I saw there
1. At one of my last team meetings, a manager talked about how much she loves her job and loves working at FB. She then announced 6 layoffs.
2. We worked long hours. Once, after a 4pm-12am shift, some of us took shots of bourbon and danced to Taylor Swift's Style until 3am.
3. We were told it didn't matter that we didn't have PTO. "Youre well paid contractors & it's not like any of you are married or have kids"
4. I went to Karaoke in NYC for the first time with members of the team. At 12am. After work. #blessed
5. Our manager ignored us for the holidays. So a team member put together a dinner and there were bottles of vodka--FROZEN in ice.
6. I granny bowled a strike at a team outing. #olympicmaterial
8. Once someone complained about low morale and they were told to be happy they have a job where they make "adult money."
9. In case I wasn't clear: The Trending team's contractors loved to dance.
10. Some of the people I met at the job are my best friends now and THAT is something I'll always be grateful for.
11. This guardian piece is the most accurate story I read about the Trending team. https://t.co/FY1mo8unr3
12. Trending taught me that most most of the world only cares about two things: sports and entertainment.
13. Our nickname for "Facebook Media Central" was "Media Hell."

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