Here's how to defrost your frozen steaks in less than 5 minutes without using electricity

Here's how to defrost your frozen steaks in less than 5 minutes without using electricity

Freezing your meat is the best way to keep it fresh, but it's always a pain having to wait for your next meal to defrost.

This new trick is the key to saving you time and electricity.

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All you need is water and two metal pots -- no hot water, no microwave and no heat.

First, keep the steak in a plastic bag and place it on an upside down pot. Next, fill the other pot up with water and place that on top of the steak. The steak should now be sandwiched between the two pots

And viola... A 1 cm-thick steak should be ready for the grill in just five minutes.

Easy right?

You can test out this new trick or listen to the advice of Dan Souza, a food magazine editor. He decided to test the taste of steak that's cooked frozen vs. steak that's cooked after being thawed.

Souza actually preferred the frozen steaks because they lost less moisture while being cooked.

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Choosing the Meat

For grilling, pick a steak that's at least 1 1/2-inches thick with marbling in the meat. The fat adds flavor and makes it tender and juicy. This is a New York strip steak.

Trim the Meat

Cut off excess fat, but leave some for flavor.

Temperature Matters

Bring the meat to room temperature and preheat the grill.

Get the Grill Ready

Set up the grill for direct and indirect grilling at least 30 minutes before you cook. Get to know the hot and cool spots by carefully placing your hand 6 inches above the grill.

Oil the Grill

Use tongs and a folded paper towel dipped in oil. Let the oil heat until it's smoking, and then it's time to cook.

Get Grilling

Pat the meat dry, season with salt and pepper on each side and then place the steaks on the hot part of the grill. Let them sear until they release without sticking.

Grill Marks

When the steak lifts easily from the grill, reposition it about 90 degrees to get professional-looking grill marks.

Turn and Repeat

Flip the steaks, let them cook and then give them another quarter turn.

Check the Temperature

Insert the thermometer lengthwise for the best reading. A temperature of 130 to 145 degrees F is the range between medium-rare and medium. For a well-done steak, move it to the cooler part of the grill and let it cook longer.

Let It Rest

Let the steaks rest for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing to let the juices settle. Then slice and serve.


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