Mystery surrounds shark found in street puddle In Australia

Mystery Surrounds Shark Found In Street Puddle In Australia

Typically, sharks are seen in the deep ocean waters and people don't expect to see them in streetside puddles.

But that's exactly what a local resident noticed just outside of Adelaide, Australia on Friday.

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The South Australia Police noted in a statement, "Despite being only partially submerged in the puddle, the shark, believed to be a Port Jackson Shark, was still alive. A member of Fauna Rescue SA attended and placed the shark in a container of water. Sadly, Fauna Rescue SA advise the shark has since died."

It remains a mystery how the shark ended up on a road dozens of miles away from water but authorities cite a couple of possibilities, noting, "it is believed the shark may have been caught earlier today and dumped, or was kept as a pet but was growing too large for its tank."

Port Jackson sharks can grow to be over 5 feet and are found in the waters of Southern Australia.

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