This adorable gang of goldendoodles will melt your heart

These 3 goldendoodles are best friends - and we want in

New York City's hottest clique isn't full of A-list actresses or the children of real estate tycoons -- instead it's an adorable gang of goldendoodles.

The popular hypoallergenic dog breed is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle.

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Hudson, Samson and Neptune are the main trio in this elite group of pups, and they've even been deemed the "Kardashians of goldendoodles" by The Cut. Though it's been confirmed that the pooches aren't in fact related, despite similar appearances.

So what does a super-cute gang of goldendoodles do in the city that never sleeps? Well, they do everything young New Yorkers do, but in a way that's 100 times more adorable.

They search for the best coffee in town:

found the best barista in the city to get me through monday #☕️ #birchlovesyou #samsonandhuddy

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They cheer on their favorite sports teams:

They rock the most stylish sunglasses:

...but first, coffee. #☕️ #birchlovesme (thanks to @birchcoffee for the brews!) #samsonandhuddy

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They catch up on gossip at their favorite bar:

And spend their weekends in the Hamptons:

saved a seat for ya. 😎

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They have epic Netflix binges with their besties:

They love a good "yappy hour":

They take in the beautiful New York City skyline:

Sometimes they just need some quality snuggle time:

Even their birthday parties are fabulous:

...because I'm celebrating my second trip around the sun tomorrow #pride #barkday #WHP🌈

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One thing is for certain -- we're dying to hang out with these curly cuties.

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