The saga of a kid's caterpillar turning into a butterfly is surprisingly emotional

This Robot Moves Like a Caterpillar

Tumblr user Oddity introduced the internet to their pet caterpillar, whose saga of turning into a butterfly was the coming-of-age tale of the century.

The bug's name is Chicken Nugget, so you know he's well-loved.

"So apparently, Chicken Nugget is a spicebush swallowtail and they turn yellow before they pupate," Oddity wrote in a Tumblr post.

"He was making little silk things everywhere. Bruh, this caterpie is going to evolve to

Oddity decided to keep Chicken Nugget so he didn't get stepped on.

"I made him a tube room. He's crawlin all over the place checking it out."

Of course, as a child of the internet, the 16-year-old documented all of the caterpillar's major milestones.

Oddity took really good care of him.

Eventually, Chicken Nugget entered his adolescent phase -- a cocoon.

And, as constantly happens in nature, Chicken Nugget became a butterfly.

Oddity missed the transformation because they were at marching band practice.

From there, Tumblr blew up. People posted about how emotional they are about the whole thing, and some even created fan art.

We're all very proud of Chicken Nugget for becoming Chicken Wing.

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