The Oregon Ducks' new high-tech $19 million sports performance center is incredible

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Do a quick search of Google with the question, "Have the Oregon Ducks ever won a national championship?" and you get this response...

The Oregon Ducks have never won a national championship in the 100 years that the university has fielded a football team.

And yet, because Nike co-founder Phil Knight went there they get ALL the cool stuff.

Included in that cool stuff is a brand spanking new $19 million, super high-tech sports performance center named after Marcus Mariota.

That's right, it's called the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, because who else would they name it after?

There is even a shrine to Mariota right there in front with a video screen that rolls highlights of the Heisman winner.

This place is 30,000 square feet of amazing — complete with sleep pods, a gym with field turf, a motion capture camera area, a boxing ring, and a whole bunch of other ridiculously state-of-the-art things.

Almost makes the fact that they are 0 for 100 when it comes to winning a national championship not seem so important.

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