Summer sips: The best drinks to finish off the summer with

Summer sips: End of summer drinks
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Summer sips: End of summer drinks

Watermelon-cucumber kombucha cooler

"The watermelon and cucumber are a delicious way to doctor your own healthy kombucha soda, control the added sugar (and your bev budget) in the process, and give yourself a sweet, sassy way to cool off during the last few days of summer." - Feed Me Phoebe 

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Muddled sugar plum bee's knees

"In its purest form, this cocktail is smooth and stimulating, and one serving is potent enough to give you a tiny buzz.  I added a muddled plum for sweetness and because they’re just so darn good right now." - JJ Begonia

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Sparkling lemon drop martini

"This Sparkling Lemon Drop Martini is much more than a shake and a stir! Fresh lemon juice, vodka and topped with sparkling water make this drink tart, sweet and easy to drink!" - With Salt and Wit

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Summer fruit sangria 

"This crisp summertime white Sangria made with fresh, seasonal fruits and white wine is a classic way to enjoy the warm days. In the pictures shown above and below, I used a variety of strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, basil and lemon." - Seasonally Jane

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Pineapple margarita

"Enter the best margarita recipe ever. The pineapple margarita that is! This tropical drink will have you transported to a pristine beach and sunny skies in no time!" - Endlessly Elated 

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Crushed strawberry margarita

"This drink tastes more like real strawberries and less like bubble gum. It allows you to drink a fruit-flavored cocktail and maintain your dignity. Also muddling the strawberries and lime wedges together smells intoxicating all by itself, just imagine what happens when you add the tequila." - Hola Jalapeno

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Alas, the time has come to say goodbye to the long warm days of summer and hello to the new crisp days of fall. It seems as if summer always goes as fast as it comes and we feel like we never have the chance to really enjoy it. Well the bloggers at Lifestyle Collective are here to give you that good summer feeling one last time with this round up of some of the best drinks to cap off the summer with!

Take a look through the slideshow, invite your friends over and raise your glasses to another well spent summer and an ever better fall.

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